Thursday, May 27, 2010


Hello everyone..Its been a while since I blogged..Its just that schedule was very tight, everything was so scattered and most importantly I just didn't know what to write about. I mean its been months since I have thinking about writing something, but NOTHING, just nothing rocks my brain.Its not that my life is boring or something, its just i don't know.. I read my friends Blogs and I am like OMg wat the hell...look at them writing such awesome stuff and me..jeez nowhere near =(

But o well summer vacations have commenced and I am really hoping that i come up with something to write. Apart from hanging out with people, I have decided to do things that I should have been doing since forever, like writing, exercising ( I have to loose those EXTRA kilos), dancing, reading, and hone my skills in Photography (my new love)..Its a shame i live in Barbados, a place where people die to visit and Its b'ful, the beaches, the sunsets, everything..its awesome, and it has inspired me to capture all those b'ful scenes that people die to see...

Well apart from creative stuff, I am looking for a job too..but O well..and ya if nothing of anything happens, I wanna sit home, watch TV serials online, eat and sleep..LOL