Friday, July 31, 2009

A wonderful story with a wonderful meaning :))

When I was a little boy, my mom liked to make breakfast food for dinner every now and then. And I remember one night in particular when she had made breakfast after a long, hard day at work. On that evening so long ago, my mom placed a plate of eggs, sausage, and extremely burned toast in front of my dad. I remember waiting to see if anyone noticed! Yet all my dad did was reach for his toast, smile at my mom, and ask me how my day was at school. I don't remember what I told him that night, but I do remember watching him smear butter and jelly on that toast and eat every bite! When I got up from the table that evening, I remember hearing my mom apologize to my dad for burning the toast. And I'll never forget what he said. 'Baby, I love burned toast.'
Later that night, I went to kiss Daddy good night, and I asked him if hereally liked his toast burned. He wrapped me in his arms and said, 'LittleBuddy, your Momma put in a hard day at work today and she's real tired. And besides-a little burnt toast never hurt anyone! You know, life is full of imperfect things...and imperfect people.I'm personally am not the best at some things either.'
What I've learned over the years is that learning to accept each other'sfaults - and choosing to celebrate each other's differences -is the one of the most important keys to creating a healthy, growing,and lasting relationship. My prayer for you today - is that you will learn totake the good, the bad and the ugly parts of your life and lay them at thefeet of GOD. Because in the end, He's the only One who will be able to giveyou a relationship where burnt toast isn't a deal-breaker! We could extend this to any relationship in fact - as understanding is the base of any relationship, be it a husband-wife or parent-child or friendship!!"
Don't put the key to your happiness in someone else's pocket -but into your own.
No one else can MAKE you happy, Your happiness is a choice you make. See through God's eyes and feel through God's heart, and you will appreciate the value of every soul including yourself.
People will always forget what you do, and they will always forget what yousay, but they will never, ever forget the way you make them feel.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Dog whisperer - my fav show on TV

The show starts with Ceaser Milan on roller skate with 10 dogs and then he takes up cases of various dogs..!! I mean its magic as soon as Milan comes near the dog, how aggressive it calms down...
The way he deals with dogs issss sooo cool..breathtaking..
according to Milan," he rehabilitates dogs and trains people".. his main approach when he deals with his cases us being "calm and assertive". Milan states that ur dog is the reflection of ur emotional state..
Milan runs a Dog psychology centre...which has around 30-40 unadoptable dogs..!!! and his favourite out of them is Daddy:))
strangely Milan has no formal degree in psycholgy.. He read few dog books and that's how he strted to work..!!
according to me Milan is so awesome and the show gets five stars *****


Three years ago we talked to each other,
without even knowing we would end up here
sharing the most beautiful bond ever shared
Yes it is U and Me.."The Bestest of Friends",
Bestest of Friens THat is wat we are
Bestest of FRiends is wat we will be.

We shared our deepest secrets which we thought we could tell no one
We stood by each otherwhen there wasnt anyone
We listened to each other with the understanding of a mother
played all the pranks with the bonding of twoo mischevioes frinds.
understood each others relationships with the insight of sisters...

We travelled throughh many crushes breaking many hearts...breaking our too
but wat helped to deal with the pain was our friendship my dear
Moments of emptiness and desolation were not there bcause u were just a phone call away
We fought, we laughed We cried & We shopped
But the m,ost important thing that we learnt together was to deal with life
Thank u for being my pillar of support
Today I am far Away but I know M nearest to your heart
No words can ever explain the wat i feel for u
Nobody can ever take ur place..!1
wherever i go the truth will always be,



I lived inside u for a long time, but i bet i will always live in ur heart forever..
u are like a star who always hines abpve my head..
keepin a watch from this wicked world
u are my guardian angel God created with love and care
some1 who taught me how to deal with life.,.
some1 who made me who i am
some1 who suppportd in midst of every crisis from assignments to crushes to heartaches
who wiped my tears whn i was all alone..
some1 who saw me beyond who i was..
encouraged me and gave me that push...
some1 who loves me without askin for anythin in lieu...
the endles love and care i have no word for..
Dear Mother how much i love u cant be expressed...but all i knw is
that wherever i go i'll carry u in my heart..
U are one of the most precious Diamonds that God embedded in my heart
no1 can be so strong as u mummy,,,
no1 can face life with so much ease and finesse...
the way u win battles with a smile..
love u mummy , love u alot...
may lord bless u with happy life and soul..

MJ- the legend

I wasnt ever the biggest fan of MJ...
I always and always enjoed hindi music..
but after his death i dont know why i have started to love him <3 <3
I eamn the man dances like a dream and once you litsn to his songs you feel like wearing your dance shoes and hitting the floor..!!
i admitt i dont understand what he talks about in his songs..but i would say i love them still..
My favs are-:
1. smooth criminal
2. beat it
3. black or white

i love them
It feels sad that the world has lost such a great singer and of the most promsisng personalities of all times..BUt all i would say is not matter what MJ still lives in people's heart..:))
Love u MJ


I am a reader, a vorcacious reader...I mean when i start to read i forget evrythin..eatin,drinkin and sleepin...LOve it <3... I'v read a lot of books and all of them some how have made an impact on me..!! I stared reading whn i was like 8 years old, my first books as i remember were Cinderella, snow white and little read riding hood.. i was in love with Cinderella for a long time.and as i grew up I started reading the Famous of the best novel series by Enid Blyton...I still chersih those books...i think they got me addictted to reading.. Then i read the chicken soup series awesome..i learnt(or may be tried to) a lot of stuff from them..!!
some of the best books that I'v read are "Not without my daughter" "Eragon-series", "twilight-series", "the Kite Runner- one of the AWESOMEST books of all times","Princess series","The monk who sold his Ferrari" and the most recent one "The memoirs of a geisha- breathtaking and awesome" i love readin any kinda books..I dont have a specific genre..!!

some books I'd love to read-
1) atonemet- have it but trying to read it

2) Jane austen novels..- english is too hard to understnd LOL ;)
3) Anna karenina
4) The Alchemist( dyin to read it)
Books are somethin that can take us from one worl to another...They area great source to de-stress and relax..:)) i love my books.... They are something that i'll cherish all my life.....

Saturday, July 25, 2009

a poem that i wrote for my bful sister:)

When I came here I was all alone..

There wasn’t anyone I could call my own

I felt lost..

In the crowd in the culture ….

I had lost faith in God, in people and sadly myself…

Evrythin I did went wrong..!!

But a turnin point came..!!

It had to come I guess

God sent an angel in my way..!

An angel so beautiful not from the outside but from within..

I could see her purity from her deep brown eyes..!!

It was u my dear elder one it was u…

You adopted me as ur sister..

Always treated me as ur own..

never distinguishing between the ties of blood and ethinicity

u wiped my tears when I cried..

yelled at me when I needed a shout..

helped me remain firm on the ground whn I was flyin high..not so coz u were jealous but because u didn’t want me to get hurt if I fell down..!!

always backing me and supporting me..

holdin my finger when u saw I was getting lost..

treatin me to yummy ice- creams, chocolates and biscuits..!!

believing in me….and most importantly makin me belive in myself

tellin me how strong I was whn I thought I was loosing…

I still remember ur lines “ u never loose a friend u loose accquaintances”

Which makes me come to senses whn someone fights with me

U cant thank a mother and a sister for their Love and care..

And same is the case with me my dear..

Never will I b able to express my gratitude..

But what I can promise is that no matter what I’ll always b there for u..!!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

havent been writin much recently:(
but will be back soon